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The Ultimate Amphibious Vehicle

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce to you the HYDRATREK.

Hydratrek, Inc. is slowly becoming a major player in the small amphibious market. Our people and their unrelenting focus drive our success on delivering results the right way by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth. We are involved in numerous industries including the public safety, commercial and industrial, military, and recreational markets.

Hydratrek, Inc. is comprised of experienced design-engineers and skilled craftsmen that have worked diligently to research, develop, build and refine a vehicle capable of operating effectively on all terrains, and that is easily traverse from land operation to water operation. After five years of extensive research, development, testing and evaluation of the industrial duty multi-purpose amphibious vehicle, Hydratrek has exploded onto the market of specialized vehicles. Able to maneuver into areas that have rarely before been accessible by land, the Hydratrek amphibious vehicles can effortlessly trek up and down steep inclines, through heavy sticky mud, swamps, woodlands, snow, and natural disasters such as earthquake zones and flood waters.

The products that we manufacture and support are very unique and set us apart from the competition. Each Hydratrek vehicle is hand crafted and built with the most reliable and industrialized components available. We utilize a 100% marine-grade aluminum body, turbo-charged diesel engines, hydrostatic drive systems, bronze propellers for water propulsion, and a rubber track system. This combination of components and features makes the Hydratrek extremely powerful, dependable, and capable of serving numerous missions and purposes.

commercial and industrialSearch and RescueLaw EnforcementRecreational