Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co.

We are currently using the Hydratrek® on the project in the Gulf, and it has been a great help. When we are pumping on the berm, we are using it to set grade stakes ahead of our discharge. Using it in this method has been very beneficial as we have encountered a shark problem in the waters ahead of our pipe discharge which makes walking in the water unsafe.

Cameron Whitmore Project Engineer

Tennessee Valley Authority - Power Systems Operations Transmission Line Construction

I have been involved with line work for 37 years and this is by far the best designed, well made, and safest piece of equipment to use in swamps and other remote areas with rough terrain.

Noa Vincent General Forman

Texas Gas Transmission LLC

We have used the Hydratrek® to perform various tasks. Land patrols, leak surveys, river bank inspection, remote area construction and vegetation control to name a few. We have found it to be an extremely useful and efficient machine. We have been able to easily access areas of our pipe line right of way that were very difficult if even possible at times. It is a heavy duty, well made piece of equipment. The stability in water and land, allows us to work safely. It also allows us to cross land owners fields with a minimal foot print. The power and agility provides for numerous capabilities. With the Hydratrek®, 'we can get the job done'.

Andy Sullivan Texas Gas Transmission LLC

South Harpeth Farms

I purchased one of the 1st machines that were produced in the fall of 2007. I new the machines were still in the testing stages but when I took one out for a drive, I could see that it was far better machine than anything I had before or even looked at. We have used it primarily to access our hunting areas; however I find it useful on the farms as well for towing etc. It doesn't tear up the grounds like tractors or other utility vehicles. The amphibious features are a real benefit. The controls are so smooth. The transition from land to water is seamless. We are able to get to the blinds much easier and with a real load. I like it so much, I recently bought another one.

Bill Freeman South Harpeth Farms

Sur Shot Retrievers - Professional Trainer And Outfitter

I train and operate in areas that constantly have changes in the terrain due to flooding either by nature or when we pump. The Hydratrek® allows me to access areas that would otherwise require me to have at least two other vehicles. Even then I was limited to just one water crossing. I am able to do my work and entertain my clients in a much safer and enjoyable manner. I can get people and equipment in and out without transferring them from a boat to a wheeled vehicle. This works great for me and my clients like it too. I am looking forward to getting one of the new tracked units. I have driven one of those and it is amazing where it can go.

Jimmy McMahan


We have operated this machine in a variety of locations with various conditions of wetland , swamps and extreme off road terrain. The Hydratrek® will traverse many land and water terrains that are difficult if not impossible for other ATV's This is not to say that the Hydratrek® will not go everywhere, but almost. We are so pleased with the abilities of this machine that we are aggressively seeking funding to purchase 3 of the tracked units. We feel they will be very beneficial to us in many phases of our work including but not limited to ; wetlands monitoring, beaver dam removals, waterfowl and law enforcement details.

Dan Fuqua TWRA Waterfowl Biologist

FL-3 Airboat Search & Rescue

Since adding the Hydratrek® to our fleet of airboats and rescue equipment, we have found this amphibious unit to be extremely useful as an additional tool for us to perform our search and rescue missions more effectively. The Hydratrek® can be more easily deployed in effective areas, which are not very accessible otherwise. The unit provides an extremely stable platform to mount our electronics as well as a work platform to perform our rescue duties. We have found that the transition from land into the water and out again has been a great time saver. Using this machine on few search and rescue missions and many training exercises, we have found that the Hydratrek® can handle most any environmental condition out there. We have also found that this unit is very well built, robust and virtually maintenance free. We would highly recommend this machine to augment any local, city, county or governmental agencies fleet of rescue equipment, as this is the best of the best. I would also like to personally thank you and your staff for being so helpful in our choice of this remarkable engineered amphibious machine for our rescue group.

Captain Kevin Roderiques Team Commander Florida 3