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Hydratrek® and Land Tamer amphibious vehicles are powered by turbo-charged diesel engines that provide strong power, meet emission standards, and have efficient fuel consumption. Hydraulic drive systems create constant torque and power to move the vehicles and their loads through muddy, wetland terrains. The advantages of hydraulics include high horsepower-to-weight ratio, high torque at low speeds, multi functional controls, less mechanical parts and maintenance, and high temperature tolerances.


Hydratrek® and Land Tamer vehicles are hand welded from marine-grade aluminum that can withstand harsh environments for many years with virtually no maintenance. They can handle off-road and rugged environments with aggressive tires and steel rims or rubber track systems that allow mobility through thick mud, gumbo, clay, sand, snow, vegetation, timber, and climbing hills.


This is the capability to float in deep water like a boat. Simply fording water does not qualify for amphibious. Both the Hydratrek® and Land Tamer amphibious vehicles float in water and provide access to areas where trucks or boats find it difficult to maneuver. If your worksite has water crossings such as creeks, canal, ditches, ponds, lakes, rivers, or flooded areas from heavy rains, Hydratrek and Land Tamer will safely get you through it.


Day in and day out, Hydratrek and Land Tamer amphibious vehicles will start up, get you going, and bring you back. These vehicles are multi functional and multi purpose. It takes a truck, a boat, a tractor, and an ATV to accomplish what one Hydratrek or one Land Tamer can do in rugged, remote environments.

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