LT 8×8 XHD Amphibious Vehicle

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With 3000 lbs cargo capacity or 10 passenger seating, you can get your precious cargo to those hard to reach places safely in one trip.

The 8×8 XHD comes with a flat cargo deck with trunk doors which allows storage access below the deck, while at the same time pallets of cargo can be stored on top of the deck for easy loading and unloading.

The 8×8 amphibious vehicles can be outfitted with a fully enclosed, unbreakable plastic glass and heated cab for cold climates or with open or screened sides and aluminum top cover for hotter climates.

All models utilizes rubber tracks allowing low ground pressure of around 1 pound per square inch.


Power Options:85 HP Kubota Turbo Diesel
Cargo Capacity:3000 lbs land and 2000 lbs on water
Drive:Hydrostatic gear drive (1.75" shafts and axles)
Optional Tracks: 20" mud or snow tracks
Steering:Dual knob controlling all driving functions
Tire:33" tall x 12.5" wide -15" rim Ag Tractor 8 ply tires
Control Panel:oil pressure, temp, amp, tach and hour meter 12 volt bilge pump
Body:Marine grade 6061 aluminum construction, Rear cargo area, Dual headlights and taillights, Front and rear hitch receiver