approx. 700 lbs. (318kg)

Water Payload

1,800 lbs. (816kg)

Seating Capacity

9 adults with seating system; Optional


The rolling and floating trailer, or RAFT, is designed to be towed behind the Hydratrek® vehicles. It has a 3,000 lb. land payload and 1,800 lb. water payload. It is extremely useful when the project or search & rescue operation calls for additional material and/or personnel handling. The RAFT has been used for oil skimming systems, fire suppression units, welding units, moving food and water, medical supplies, generators, carrying 9 persons, and hauling hazmat materials from oil spills. It connects to the Hydratrek via a pintle hitch, and it is made from the same marine-grade aluminum as the Hydratrek® vehicle. A rubber track system is available for the RAFT that substaintially lowers the ground pressure to 1.0 PSI with a full 3,000 lb load! The RAFT can be modified to include rollbars, lighting, and a custom paint scheme.

All of the amphibious vehicles produced by Hydratrek® can be trailered from one job site to another. Due to the amphibious vehicle widths, they all require a bumper-pull deckover or gooseneck style trailer. The CM66 model can be hauled with a 1/2 ton pickup truck. A 3/4 pickup truck is recommended for the XTB66, LT 8x8 XHD, and D2488B models. Gatormade Trailers and MAXXD Trailers are offered by Hydratrek®.


Overall Length:120" (305cm)
Overall Width:70” (178cm)
Overall Height (with roll bar): 82” (208cm)
Internal Floor Length: 85” (216cm)
Internal Floor Width:40” (102cm)
Internal Height:27.5” (70cm)
Weight:approx. 700 lbs. (318kg)
Land Payload:3,000 lbs. (1360kg)
Water Payload :1,800 lbs. (816kg)
Seating Capacity:9 adults with seating system; Optional
Material:Marine Grade Aluminum