Production started April 2019
XAB66 Mulit-Purpose Rescue Vehicle


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The XAB66 is a new Hydratrek model that will be introduced to the marketplace in 2019. This model is a combination of the original XA66 model and the 2016 XTB66 model. It will be powered by a 59 HP Kubota diesel engine and include a tandem hydraulic pump and six hydraulic drive motors. Unlike other Hydratrek models, all six tires and rims on the XAB66 are drive wheels, and it does not use a rubber track system. Full weld aluminum construction, roll-over cage, marine grade battery, 12V electrical system, bilge pump, powder coat paint, and two bronze propellers are standard features. Several additional options are available.


Engine:Kubota 2403T 59 HP Turbo Diesel
Drive System:Direct Drive, Closed Loop Hydrostatic
Electrical System:12 Volt with 90 Amp Alternator
Towing Capacity:5,000 Lbs
Ground Pressure: 4.50 psi unloaded; 5.30 psi Full Load
Hydraulic Tank Capacity:13 Gal (US); Mobil 424 – 46 weight
Battery: Optima Blue Top 1,000 CCA
Parking / Emergency Brake:Hydraulic Parking Brake
Instrumentation:Marine grade components
Body Construction:3/16” and 1/8” Full-Weld Aluminum
Bilge Pump:2200 GPH 12 Volt with Auto/Man. Switch
Hydraulic Oil Cooler:3700 CFM Dual Fan Cooling System